Every Haarlemmer has one: a place or building that is extra special. It does not matter if you have been away for a while, have been living here for years, or are often visiting. Memories enough and something for everyone. The Town Hall for example, what a beautiful wedding location. Or what about the characteristic Koepel and the Amsterdamse Poort? Not to be missed if you go via the Amsterdamseevaart drives. And as a gift very original.

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My own favorite building is the Central Station of Haarlem . In combination with the Droste factory . In the past, when I came in Haarlem by train, the smell of cocoa often struck me halfway down the stairs. The bittersweet smell of raw cocoa beans that told you that you were home. What a nice feeling that was. And that is why the print from Droste is now in my swing.

Haarlemse Huizen is an endless series of illustrations of special Haarlem buildings . Unique drawings that I enjoy with great pleasure into valuable home accessories and gifts . Like posters , prints and keychains . I also sell kaarten , necklaces and birthday calendars . Almost every month new surprising products are added!

Many customers like to collect my cottages . While others like to give them away again. But for whom you also have a gift in mind: hopefully the person will enjoy it as much as I did during the making! And do you have little time? Click directly to our absolute buyer – & gt; a particularly colored map of Haarlem . Exclusively for sale in this web store .

With hearty Haarlem greetings,

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